Supporting the production efficiency drive motor out of the development of superior technology


With the support over the development drive motor so that the inverter technology matures, smaller size, power range and the increase in functionality, the price is more reasonable. This provides the necessary material basis for frequency control three-phase asynchronous motors large number of applications. Inverter for motor control, can change both voltage and frequency can be changed. At present, only part of the motor manufacturers also produce VVVF three-phase asynchronous motor, the inverter and the motor did not design and production into one.

There are a variety of inverter classification, according to the main circuit work classification, it can be divided into voltage-current converter and inverter; switching mode according to classification can be divided into the inverter PAM control, PWM control and high carrier frequency inverter PWM control inverter; according to the working principle of classification, can be divided into V / f control inverter, converter slip frequency control and vector control inverter, etc.; according to use classification, can be divided into general-purpose inverter, high-performance special inverter, high frequency inverter, single-phase and three-phase inverter drive and so on.

Supporting the drive motor technology not only saves space, but also effectively eliminate the surge voltage, thereby reducing the variety of additional losses, while reducing the impact on the motor insulation voltage source, reducing the electrical potential manufacturing costs and maintenance costs.